Did you ever wonder….

So here we are, it’s now December, and therefore, by Tony Law, it is ok to start talking about Christmas. Once Thanksgiving is over, then the lights can come on,


and we can start watching Christmas Specials.  I was raised on Claymation, so of course Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town and The Year Without a Santa are my favorites. Later in life, after discovering Bill Murray, Scrooged came to the top of the list as well.

One I am not partial to is “Its a Wonderful Life.” It’s just a bit sappy for me.  But it is famous for 2 things.  The first is saying “An angel got it’s wings!” when a bell rings.  And the second is something I’ve pondered since I was a kid…. Continue reading “Did you ever wonder….”

The girl who saved Christmas!

Ladies and gents you have heard me say many things about my wife Michelle.  She is a great wife, the perfect mum for the boys, a loving daughter and sister (though lord knows these two can be challenging) the best friend and, bar none, the owner of the biggest heart I’ve ever met. She is simply a giver, and does everything in her power to make others happy.image


So last week when her best friend called and said “Michelle I need your help!” she was on it! Continue reading “The girl who saved Christmas!”

Best Books for Kids EVER, written by Renee Hazen

Folks there are two things about me when it comes to Christmas shopping.  One, I hate shopping in stores, so I use the online option.  Amazon has become my friend!  Second, being the reader that I am, I like to share books whenever possible, especially with kids.

I am VERY lucky that a great friend of mine, Renee, has written some of the best kidlet books I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to share these with you today as we all start shopping!



Continue reading “Best Books for Kids EVER, written by Renee Hazen”

“So this is Christmas” Jim Devitt

(This is a reprint of a blog post from last year, but with holiday shopping going on, and Thanksgiving a week away, it is NOW ok to start getting a new Christmas book for the family!)

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am an avid reader.  I’ve been reading damn near every day since at least the 4th grade, and maybe even before.  Getting a book for my birthday or Christmas was the perfect gift.  What else could you get, for the price of a movie, that gives you many many hours of fun.

Nowadays, I carry my iPad or my Kindle everywhere I go, and I read whenever I get the chance.  I usually have 2 or 3 books going at anyone time.

When asked for gift ideas for people, one of the first things I think of is a book!  Those who can write and get a book published are to be admired.  Which is why I am excited to do this post.  One of my oldest friends, Jim Devitt,  has written  a book that would be perfect for the holidays!

I am lucky enough to have read it and  I can share them with you! Continue reading ““So this is Christmas” Jim Devitt”

Promises are important!

Well, sadly, my week back at home and not training has come to an end.  By the time this publishes (assuming the creek don’t rise or fog doesn’t delay me) I will hopefully be getting ready to board my plane for Spokane.

However, Michelle and I DID squeeze in a lot for this weekend! Continue reading “Promises are important!”

Buying gifts for each other is easy!

In the past, both Michelle and I have had folks in our lives that have said we are hard to buy gifts for.  I think I am prettier easy as a matter of fact, mainly because I really don’t go looking for gifts.  I can easily vouch for Michelle, she is VERY simple to shop for.

Add to it in this day and age of iPads, smart phones and wireless, the searching for, and buying of said gifts can be done in seconds, with the other person being non the wiser.  Which is why one of Michelle’s stocking stuffers was this:

image Continue reading “Buying gifts for each other is easy!”