Well its about time!

Well y’all, its confession time. I can ride like the wind (well a summer breeze maybe). I can crank out 100 miles a day easy, and 200 in a pinch. I can survive rainy weather, windy days and crazed  spandexed matching pelatons.

However, one thing I can’t do is service my own bike.  Oh I can change a tire, and clean/lube a chain.  But anything more than that, and I likely to do more harm than good. (NOT that it’s stopped me from trying!)

Wednesday night, I took the first step toward fixing this short coming… Continue reading “Well its about time!”

The Bike Makes it all OK

Ever hear the old saying, “Doctors make the worst patients?”  Personally, I have always wondered whether this was coined by nurses who got stuck having to take the vitals of someone who “could do it him or herself!”

Well I think I can also coin a different phrase: “Trainers make the worst students!”  Or maybe its just me… Continue reading “The Bike Makes it all OK”