Does Make me Wonder

I know tomorrow the world will be full of posts about the Super Bowl, the commercials and lady Gaga. I am happy to say I didn’t watch a play of the game. Quite honestly, I didn’t care this year.

Instead, for the last 3 or 4 days I have been reading quite a lot. In fact I finished two books in that same time frame. One was an EXCELLENT science fiction book, let me know if you are interested. The other was Rainier Sojourn: Around Rainier on the Wonderland Trail, by Daniel Saviers. Not bad at all.

This is not a book review of either book, though I may do one about Rainier book later. Instead, it’s a post about one line in the book. Near the end, when they were making the final push to the car, the author wrote:

In my limited experience it seems that it is the mind that gives up before the body is defeated…

Wow that got me thinking…. Continue reading “Does Make me Wonder”

Gotta give it a shot

I have mentioned quite a few times in my blog that I have been an avid reader since my dad handed me my first Louis L’Amour book back in the 4th grade. To be honest, I also remember reading “Billy and Blaze” books at even a younger age.  (and yes, I am old enough to have really learned to read with Dick, Jane, AND Spot…

My normal go to genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy, which I know with shock those that know me in real life. But, I will change with whatever strikes my fancy. I recently read a book about Thomas Jefferson and early America’s war against the Barbary pirates. I learned a lot, and thank my buddy Stu for the loan.

So it should come as no surprise that I am currently reading “The Big Burn” by Timothy Egan. All about the history of the Forestry Service and the biggest forest fire ever, an excellent book so far!

What did surprise me today, though, was sitting up straight after reading a quote from Teddy Roosevelt, one of the key characters of this book…

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Certain moments

You know, looking back over my career of mountains, hikes, river rafting and bikes, there are many things I remember.  The roar of the river in the middle of big white water, the nose hairs freezing at 2 AM on a glacier, the wind on your face screaming full tilt down a mountain pass are all things that I relish each and every time I experienced them. (still do!)

However, there are just some moments that stand out more prominently than the others, I thought I would share some here. Continue reading “Certain moments”

It’s not selfish, its living

Once again, I must give credit for this post to a blogger buddy, this time Baz the Landy. He did a post recently about his training for an 8000 meter peak, and whether he was being selfish at all with all the time needed to train for this, and eventually putting himself in potential peril during the climb.

I have had this discussion MANY times over the years… Continue reading “It’s not selfish, its living”

The right way works so much better!

In my last post I added this picture.


And I explained that to get the weight of my pack close to 40 lbs, I had the brilliant idea of packing my 14 lb bowling ball! Now if I had been thinking ahead, I might have wondered about what would happen if I couldn’t make it or needed to drop some weight from the pack… Continue reading “The right way works so much better!”

Years of Memories in one small area

For the last 3 days, any chance I have gotten, I have talked about our trip up to Mt. Rainier on Independence day. As I said, we walked all over the Paradise visitor area.  And just as we were about to leave Michelle noticed this.


Buried in the pavement were these markers listing the names and elevations of some of my most memorable places.  Some good, and some not so good.  I thought I’d share a few and the memories they reminded me of Continue reading “Years of Memories in one small area”

Staying on the Mountain

As many of you know, I took the name Mountainstroh for my email and my web page name back when I used two feet, instead of two wheels, to accomplish my yearly athletic goals.  Over the years I climbed or attempted to climb many large and small mountains.  The ultimate goal, for me, was to summit 14,410 ft Mt. Rainier.


I never made it, but once you have climbed on a mountain, it stays in your blood.  This means you stay attuned to happenings on the mountain.  This weekend what I got was some very bad news… Continue reading “Staying on the Mountain”

The worst climb I ever had!

I was doing my lunch time walk on a sunny day in Seattle. Just kind of cruising along, not thinking anything in particular, when suddenly a past climb popped into my head. For some reason, I started thinking about my climb on Mt Adams in 2001.

I was fresh off my 2nd unsuccessful climb of Rainier the year before, so I decided to climb the 12,000 foot second highest peak in the state.

This will go down in history as the worst guided climb I have ever been on…. Continue reading “The worst climb I ever had!”

They are with the Mountain Gods

As many of you know, the Mountainstroh name came from my years of trying to climb mountains in the Cascades. I had many attempts but few successes. However, each and every time I climbed, I truly loved it. There is something about being in the mountains (the higher the better) that truly inspires me. My friends thought was nuts, my mom worried each time, but honestly I miss it sometimes.

So, when I awoke to hear about the avalanche on Everest it struck a chord with me. Continue reading “They are with the Mountain Gods”

Wow you’ve changed!

Have you ever run into someone after a number of years and been totally surprised?  You know, they have either gained or lost a ton of weight.  Or they look hella old, or instead of being a boozehound they are clean cut and professional?

When you see someone every day, the changes are gradual and you may not notice at all.  If you are an oblivious guy (like me) you may not even notice radical changes.  Shoot, at the Holy P, I was the only guy, I started listening for the ladies I worked with to say something like “LOVE the new hair!”   I scored many a brownie point commenting after hearing this. (Monica totally caught on and called me out on it!  I owned it!  I call it survival of the fittest, NOT cheating)

But when you haven’t seen someone for years, the change can stop you dead in your tracks.  That’s what happened to me last night, but NOT because of a person. Continue reading “Wow you’ve changed!”