Comfort Books

As of this Christmas, I have had a Kindle for 3 years.  Michelle got it for me, and it has turned into one of my most used and loved presents ever.  I am an avid reader.  If I sit, or in line, or have a spare minute or two, I am reading one book or another.

I wasn’t sure how much I would use the Kindle instead of a “real” book when I got it, but since I opened it 3 years ago, I MIGHT have read 5 paper books.  All the rest were Ebooks

What I like the most is the ease in having more than one book going at a time.  I currently have a fantasy novel, a literary classic, and a science book all going, as well as slogging my way through the Bible (3 years running, and I am almost 70% of the way done, NOBODY tell me how it ends!

This week though, and I am not sure why, I couldn’t bring myself to read any of these.  I was craving a comfort read. Continue reading “Comfort Books”

Dirk Pitt

Folks, back in 1977, my family my family was getting ready to leave Germany after 3+ years of being stationed over there.  My dad was in the army at the time, and we had lived in Nurnberg the whole time.  Someday I will blog about my time over there, but suffice it to say I really didn’t like me time there.

Right before we left, my parents took us to the book store.  It’s a LONG flight from Germany to NYC, and they had 4 kids…  The book store was a way to help keep us occupied during the trip.  I looked around for a while, and there it was.  “Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler.  I grabbed it on a whim, and there has never been a book that did more to influence my reading or day dreams for the rest of my life.

In that book I met Dirk Pitt. Continue reading “Dirk Pitt”