Epic Shit Could Happen!

My apologies for the PG-13 language throughout this post,

As we know, I am cold and callous. No really, its true. Ask anyone I know they will tell you. I will out and out  lie to get out of a work social gathering. Once, in Portland, I told a Co-worker Pam I was meeting up with the friend so I couldn’t do dinner with a group from the office.  I had a subway sandwich and watched Netflix. It was a great night.

I told her when we got back to Seattle and received an excellent stare of death in return (She does it well!) She make sure to MAKE me go the next time. (She got even too, it was a bigger group and had mucky mucks with them! I had to be on good behavior!!)

I tell you this because it spills over to my cycling. I ride alone.  Even on the Seattle to Portland with 10,000 of my best friends, I ride it solo. I chat with people in passing, or at food stops, but otherwise it is just the bike and I. In the last post I wrote about the Last DST ride, but I didn’t mention the conversation I had at the very end…. Continue reading “Epic Shit Could Happen!”

Ruining My Cold and Callous Image

You know, I have worked hard over the years to earn the name Cold and Callous Valente.  I skip unit lunches, plug-in the ear buds and ignore people, basically mind my own business and let others do the same.

At the Holy P, the ladies I worked with made it their own personal challenge to get me to do things outside of work.  I am happy to say I won MANY more times than I didn’t.  Shoot, when out-of-town, there were times I flat lied through my teeth to avoid going out to dinner with people from work.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of them I liked a lot, but I give 40+ hours a week and jump to help out whenever I can.  But given the choice, I keep to myself and get my own stuff done. And once work is done, its my time.  Yep, Cold and Callous is MUCH easier!

But then, I hear something said about me today, that shows I have to work harder to keep my rep! Continue reading “Ruining My Cold and Callous Image”