Corvallis Half Marathon part II

You know, I have heard people, hell, even people I know well, go on vacations that do NOT involves participation in athletic events. Let alone athletic events that people shake their head at. These are people who do not travel hundreds of miles just to be able to ride 100 miles on a bike, or 13.1 miles by foot. Nay, I have been told that not everyone does a century ride or a half marathon before relaxing for a week.

These people of whom they speak are NOT Valente’s! We earn our vacations I say! And this time it was Michelle who did so in Corvallis! Continue reading “Corvallis Half Marathon part II”

I used to have a way with women

Not that long ago, I was chatting virtually with my blogger buddy Sarah, of Honoring My Compass. As much as I like to think I am a ‘real’ cyclist and have adventures, Sarah is truly in a league above me!  I recommend checking her blog out and following her, as she will be cycling in Patagonia this winter!

When I follow and talk to  fellow cycling bloggers, I always thank them for saving a spot for me in their panniers as they travel. (I say backpack for hiking bloggers).  She replied giggling telling me that her spell check changed a place in the panniers to a place in the pants while typing the reply.  This almost made me spit out my sip of wine!  Which in turn reminded me of the very worst introduction to a girl I ever had…. Continue reading “I used to have a way with women”

OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!

It is amazing how one year can suddenly be different from almost every year prior.  Here we are, the week before christmas week, kids are getting ready to go on Christmas Break from school, and for the last five years at this time, I was mad as hell.


Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you…. Continue reading “OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!”

First floor or sixth?

Seems like every day I look Facebook, parents or kids are getting ready for, packing or even moving in for the first time in College.  Each parent is different when this happens. You’ve got some that hover over every decision, some that take it upon themselves to do the shopping and packing for  taking them the first day, hanging out, making sure they are all moved in.   Then you have my Dad’s way… Continue reading “First floor or sixth?”

The Mountainstroh Culture

This week the Manchild started his summer college course, Communications 101.  I was bummed on Monday.  I wanted him to have an instructor lead course, and get the ‘feel’ of a going to college.  However, he received an email Monday explaining that his class had been converted to an online course.  CRAP!  However, the  best news of the week is that he scored 88% on his first test.  Great job pal!

I was more interested in his  discussion board question of the week.  It asked, what do you carry with you that helps define you and makes you a part of a certain culture.  Being the kid he is, he came up with his Kindle fire.  Making him part of the internet connected teenage culture.  I started thinking of all the components that define me. Continue reading “The Mountainstroh Culture”

Major blast from the past!

I’ve told more than one story about my friends on here.  Scott, Jim, and Dave the guys I went to college with, the Strohs Bros, the ones that were with me on many a story that started “I was drinking one night…”  We have stayed in touch and done things together since we left college back in the 80s.

However, before there was a Mountainstroh writing a blog, before the interwebs, hell even before I became one if the men of Strohs, there was my Freshman year, 1982.  !7 year old Tony, walked into WSU not knowing a soul.

I was given the choice of the 1st or 6th floor of Goldsworthy Hall.  Luckily I chose 1st.  I had an incredible first year, and met some amazing people.

Today, that year came flashing back to me! Continue reading “Major blast from the past!”

The Very First Cup of Coffee

Do any of you remember the day you first had coffee?  Scary enough I do!  I hadn’t thought about it for years, but then I read a tweet today from a student at WSU.  Suggesting that the Starbucks on campus start a mug club, much like the local tavern The Coug does!

I had to reply that back in the day (Ok the 80s) the Bookie (our student bookstore and the location of the on campus Starbucks) had a coffee club mug.  I could fill my cup at home, walk to campus, and refill for 10 cents (no typo there, a dime (or in my case, more often 10 scraped together pennies)), then hit my first class.  I kept that mug for years, but sadly it is gone now, but this is a great replacement!


But this was LONG after my first cup.

  Continue reading “The Very First Cup of Coffee”

Back to School

I always get a bit melancholy this time of year.  Not too overly bad, as its still sunny, its summer, I am cycling, I have trips planned with my lovely wife, so life is good.  However, this is also the time of year I start hearing people talking about their kids starting at Washington State University (WSU).

This always reminds me of my days back in college.  Every August, my dad and I would have “The Talk!”  This talk revolved around when I was going to quit my summer job and go back to school.  He wanted me to work up and until the day classes started, maximizing the money I made over the summer.  I voted to go back 2 weeks early, so I got a vacation during summer vacation.  I usually won! Continue reading “Back to School”