Yep Cycling is SO much easier!

For almost 20 years, I drove 26 miles from my front door in Federal Way to the Mighty P in Seattle. In study after study, Seattle keeps coming up on top of the worst commuting cities in the country. But I was good at it. I could read the traffic, knew what lane to get in, Paul Tosh the traffic guy came through time and again for me, allowing me to bail out and get off the freeway and use my patented alternate routes.

When I moved to the Holy P for 3 years, my skills enhanced even more as the commute was longer. After coming back to the Mighty P again, Michelle and I were lucky enough to score spots in the office 5 miles from our house. No more traffic issues… Continue reading “Yep Cycling is SO much easier!”

Cycling Zen

Speaking as a cyclist, I think I can truthfully say we are a different breed.  I can see some of you nodding at this and thinking “No kidding pal!! Y’all pedal 100s of miles. climb hills that mountain goats think twice about and will ride for 15 hours straight if you have to.  Y’all are nuts!”

While all of this is true, I think of this as normal, I am talking about other things… Continue reading “Cycling Zen”

A straight line… Why?

Folks, I am finally feeling like I am getting back on track!  I have 3 rides already this month each over 30 miles (2 are 40 or more) I have been riding in the shed when I couldn’t ride outside and, as of today, I am back to the regular office and able to do my normal 17 mile route home!  I am much happier with my activity level.

Plus, with an app my wife and her friends use on the smart phones, I can finally map my routes.  Doing so today though, showed me something I hadn’t expected. Continue reading “A straight line… Why?”

It really is a matter of convenience…

You know what’s fun about reading other cycling blogs?  You sometimes read a post that results in you “borrowing” the theme for your own blog.  (OK, maybe we could call it stealing the idea)  This happened just yesterday when I read a post by my british blogger friend Jude (Cycling with Heels) Continue reading “It really is a matter of convenience…”

Couple of minutes can mess up the commute

It is SO nice not to be sick anymore!  And the recovery hit right at the right time, its Friday, the weekend is supposed to be nice for riding and I was able to leave at 3:30!  I was downstairs and changing at 3:25 and ready to roll, and then it hit me…  The sunglasses were upstairs at my desk!  DAMN!  To the elevator! Continue reading “Couple of minutes can mess up the commute”

Shorter Bike Commutes are Harder?

it might surprise some of you, but I don’t get paid to ride my bike.  Think about that though, wouldn’t be nice to somehow figure out a way to get paid by the mile?  It would be one helluva an incentive to hop on the bike no mater how cold and wet it is outside.  Maybe I can post something on Craigslist, “Well ride for cash!”  Hmmm

Sorry I digressed.  Since I don’t get paid by the mile, I have a job that pays me enough to be able to ride.  I work in the training department of a Northwest insurance company.  I help train the new claims folks.  One of the best parts is that I can cycle commute.  Its only 17 miles to my house from the front door.  Just a good stretch of the legs.

This week, I am learning that a much shorter commute is actually harder! Continue reading “Shorter Bike Commutes are Harder?”