The most amazing woman we know

I don’t normally do posts like this.  Ones that are about someone my wife and I know.  Many of the people I know are private, and I’d feel rude if I threw them out there to the world without permission.

Editors note:  This does NOT count telling stories about your college buddies.  Those are fair game and have been told and retold over the years.  They are fair game.

No, this is about a dear friend of ours, who has the biggest and most loving heart in the world.  This is a person, who many mornings posts something like “Have a great day my peeps. Remember smile, be happy, and know you are loved”

Then, when she comes into work I get a huge good morning hug as well.  And the best part, From our girl Coni, it is true genuine warmth and love that she is sharing with us.

imageBut her heart is big enough that its not just us she gives love to! Continue reading “The most amazing woman we know”