Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!

I know this may be shocking to y’all, but sometimes, and I know it is probably rare, a Facebook post gets misinterpreted by some.  I know, I can hear the collective “GASP” and a loud “Ta HELL you say!!” but yes it is true.  It happened to me yesterday when I posted.

Ok y’all. Know that feeling you had today, watching the match, USA team dodging bullet after bullet, all along thinking they could pull it off, knowing it was possible until the very end? That is almost as magical as the feeling you get as a COUG!

I thought I would take this opportunity to explain how this is so.. Continue reading “Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!”

It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work!

It was a great, albeit stressful football weekend here in Mountainstrohville!  First, and most importantly, my WSU COUGS went down to LA and beat USC 10 – 7.  The first time in 10 years we’ve beaten the Trojans, and one of the few times in history we have done so in LA!  I had my new Coug shirt on!  (More about this later.)

Today, the Seahawks had an UGLY game, but in the end they played just a little better than the Panthers and won 12 – 6.  The only thing that would have made this weekend better, would have been a loss by the UW Huskies, but they didn’t play.

But todays post isn’t really about the my happiness with the results of the games (and I am!) it’s about how fans affect who wins!  Continue reading “It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work!”

Scaring the Children

I am a pretty good dad.  We have two boys, the Math Major is now 20 and the Manchild is 15.  Both of them are smarter than hell, and they and I get along better than my dad and I did.  One measure is the visiting.  When my folks split up, I liked being in my own room, so visiting my Dad wasn’t that big a deal.  Our boys came up every weekend, unless school got in the way.

However, since they were knee-high to a grasshopper, there is one time I scare them and they really don’t want to be around me.  Continue reading “Scaring the Children”