The Trip Home

Last week we spent the week in Texas for our niece Abby’s wedding. You know how much we love her.

Which is why we went to the Texas heat in June. Later this week will be posts about the trip and the wedding, but this one is about getting home yesterday.  It was an adventure…. Continue reading “The Trip Home”

Does Make me Wonder

I know tomorrow the world will be full of posts about the Super Bowl, the commercials and lady Gaga. I am happy to say I didn’t watch a play of the game. Quite honestly, I didn’t care this year.

Instead, for the last 3 or 4 days I have been reading quite a lot. In fact I finished two books in that same time frame. One was an EXCELLENT science fiction book, let me know if you are interested. The other was Rainier Sojourn: Around Rainier on the Wonderland Trail, by Daniel Saviers. Not bad at all.

This is not a book review of either book, though I may do one about Rainier book later. Instead, it’s a post about one line in the book. Near the end, when they were making the final push to the car, the author wrote:

In my limited experience it seems that it is the mind that gives up before the body is defeated…

Wow that got me thinking…. Continue reading “Does Make me Wonder”

The Challenge for the Rest of the Year.

It happens every year.  Sometimes as early as July, and other times not until September.  But yet yep, each and every year it happens.  Whatever goal (or in the case of this year) goals I set for myself have come and gone.  It’s time to look back and see how I did! Continue reading “The Challenge for the Rest of the Year.”

It Aint Over till Its Over…

Folks, stand by, cuz this ride proves that this is true without a doubt!

But, as always, we should start at the beginning. We drug our butts out of bed at 500 AM. It wasn’t easy after two long days in the car. Damned if I didn’t almost leave my water bottles in the fridge! But, in the end, we were on the road at 530, and at the starting line at 615, plenty of time! Michelle then went back to hotel to rest. (Smart woman!) Continue reading “It Aint Over till Its Over…”

Recon Mission!

Two years ago, I did the High Pass Challenge.  This is a century ride from the tiny town of Packwood, WA, to Windy Ridge Observatory in Mt St Helens Volcanic Monument.  This was, bar none, the hardest route I have ever ridden.  I will tell you, it saved my butt driving the route the week before with my wife! I knew where the hills ended and what was coming.

Learning from the past, Michelle and I came down to Klamath Falls, OR 2 days early.  This left us today to sleep in, eat breakfast, get coffee and then head into the park!  Damn I am glad we did! Continue reading “Recon Mission!”

I may have to give back the Mountain part of my name!

Ever wonder where the mountain in Mountainstroh came from?  I did a whole post on this once, but this is a bit different.  I call myself Moutainstroh, because for 10 + years my life revolved around climbing (or more aptly TRYING to climb mountains.  My final record was 3 and 6.  That’s 3 successes and 6 turnarounds.

During this time, I read every mountain book I could get my hands on.  Expeditions to Everest, K2, the 14 – 8000 meter peaks, the 7 summits, Denali you name it, I’ve read it. I would scour used book stores looking for ones I hadn’t read.   I have an “adventure” library stored in my attic waiting for the time I have space big enough  for the book-case I need to hold them all. Continue reading “I may have to give back the Mountain part of my name!”