Elixir of Life!

I am not really a pop drinker.  Or depending on where you come from, a soda drinker.  When I eat lunch or dinner at home, I usually drink water with it.  Breakfast at home, it’s my morning tea.  When eating out, sometimes I will get an orange juice, and almost always coffee with breakfast.  Lunch or dinner, I drink a lot of water.  This does NOT of course include those times wine or beer is called for.

When I am thirsty, I simply don’t think of a sweet, bubbly beverage.  I think water or PowerAde and try to stay very hydrated.  VERY rarely I will have a root beer for a change.  The carbonated beverage industry would go broke if it relied on me.  That is, of course, with one exception.  Continue reading “Elixir of Life!”