I seriously heard banjos in the background!

Yesterday, while I was walking the 10 K with Michelle, running some errands and then off to wine tasting yesterday, my nephew and kid brother were at a Wal-Mart south of us selling Boy Scout popcorn.


Their annual fund easier event.  Whenever this starts, I remember the evening that ended the Mathmajors scouting career. Continue reading “I seriously heard banjos in the background!”

Talented Toes

Earlier this week, one of my co-workers made her first visit back to the office after having a baby.  He was cutie!  Head full of hair, wide-eyed, too young yet to smile.  He was also barefoot (which I encourage when its this warm outside) so I was able to notice his toes.

You could just tell by looking at them (long, limber) that when this kid gets bigger he will be able to do many things with these toes!  I made the mistake of mentioning that….

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Not as easy as I hoped!

You know, sometimes, though rarely, its not about the ride or the destination.  Sometimes, you just need to get miles under your butt.  Today was one of those rides.  Our plan had been to snowshoe on Chinook Pass yesterday, and I was going to go for a 100 mile, unsupported ride today either back up Chinook or on the peninsula.

Sadly, more pressing issues came into play yesterday, and our fun plans were shot down.  (though we did get to go the Deception Pass.)   I really didn’t want to be gone ALL day today, so I went to another plan… Continue reading “Not as easy as I hoped!”