Cycling Culture

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging dry spell lately.  I think being busy with real life stuff, and therefore being off the bike more than I have in years, has resulted in a lot lest saddle time.  Now this may not seem like a big deal, but my best thinking time, be it for bloggage or work projects, comes when I am sitting and pedaling the bike!  Makes me wonder where exactly my brains really are….

However, yesterday, why taking the Mom-in-law in search of a new recliner, I discovered a new place that finally jarred my head in gear!  It made me realize, at least up here in Seattle, we have actively embraced the Cycling Culture! Continue reading “Cycling Culture”

The Mountainstroh Culture

This week the Manchild started his summer college course, Communications 101.  I was bummed on Monday.  I wanted him to have an instructor lead course, and get the ‘feel’ of a going to college.  However, he received an email Monday explaining that his class had been converted to an online course.  CRAP!  However, the  best news of the week is that he scored 88% on his first test.  Great job pal!

I was more interested in his  discussion board question of the week.  It asked, what do you carry with you that helps define you and makes you a part of a certain culture.  Being the kid he is, he came up with his Kindle fire.  Making him part of the internet connected teenage culture.  I started thinking of all the components that define me. Continue reading “The Mountainstroh Culture”