Larry the Cable Guy

Folks, one of the things I will have to get used to with this move is living in a small town. There are both pros and cons. For a con or two, the nearest bike store is 25 miles south. And, with only one Starbucks, the drive thru line, at noon is backed up to the road.

Pros are many. No traffic noise outside our window, friendly people everywhere we go to eat, we can hear the waves at night from the bedroom, and we have two, not just one, kind of hummingbirds.

Yep one is red

And yes, there is of course Larry the Cable guy… Continue reading “Larry the Cable Guy”

Back in the Saddle!

Well, sometimes I guess you just have to ok with NOT knowing what the heck happened!  Anyone who read the Crater Lake post (It aint over till it’s over) will know that 2 miles before the finish line of the Crater Lake Century my rear brakes seized up something fierce!  I heard a pop, and it was stuck, I heard a pop again 5 minutes later, and I was rolling again!

I know nothing about disc brakes, I do NOT have a local bike shop, I bought the bike 400 miles away in Oregon, and all I could see all day long was $$$$$$ (the amount needed to get me going again) Continue reading “Back in the Saddle!”