Its the doing that matters.

Every other Sunday or so, in addition to watching a new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, I also get to take the Manchild home from his weekend with us. Over the years, certain traditions have developed.  He get’s to DJ the radio, he likes to check out cool cars (and cute girls in cars)  and we talk for the entire trip.

The talks can revolve around video games, school work, The Walking Dead or whatever pops into our heads.  This week, after passing people playing soccer in the rain, we started talking about the sports he has been involved with over the years. Continue reading “Its the doing that matters.”

Somewhere I did Something right…

So, as the readers of this blog know pretty well, Michelle and I have 2 kids.  The Mathmajor is 20, and goes to Western Washington University, it’s the start of his Junior year.  The Manchild is 15 and lives with his mom about 35 miles away.  He is a Sophomore in high school this year.  We spend as much time as possible with both boys, (though Mathmajor is pretty damn independent now).

I am sure I am like most parents when I sit and think I could’ve done better when raising them.  Did I do all I could, was I selfish when I wanted time to myself…  Sometimes, the negatives even make me thing (much to the angst of Michelle AND my mom) that I wasn’t the best dad.

But then there are days like today that make me think, “HEY I did alright!” Continue reading “Somewhere I did Something right…”