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You Just Never Know!

Folks, a bit of a warning, this post will start out a bit melancholy, but that is the exact opposite of my intent. I am hoping that by the end, you will see the reason for the post…

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Book Review: This Road I Ride by Juliana Buhring

I have to start right up front with this review, and say I almost didn’t read it after reading the subtitle. “Sometimes it Takes Losing Everything to Find Yourself.” That brought to mind a Lifetime channel movie, or as I … Continue reading

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Racking Up the Miles: January 2016

Folks, the first month of 2016 has NOT been the greatest ever.  The weather has remembered it is supposed to be cold, or wet or cold AND wet. Not the best conditions for our hero to be pedaling in. I … Continue reading

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A day of loss

There were a lot of things I thought I might be writing about this week as I am stuck in Spokane to teach, but there is NO way I thought it would be this.  Tonight I am turning over the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Carry Home by Gary Ferguson

Early on I let y’all know I was going to stretch my literary choices this year.  Though I am still treating myself to the History of Westeros (Game of Thrones) and its dragons, knights and assorted kings, I have been … Continue reading

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Star Stuff

Yep, I’ve admitted it before many times, I am a nerd.  There’s, no denying it.   Shoot back in the day when I taught high school and Jr High, I ever wore sweater vests.  My fashion sense has obviously changed … Continue reading

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When its time…

Folks, I need to tell anyone and everyone who is reading this that I debated for quite a while before posting it.  Those of you who follow me regularly hopefully know that I mean no disrespect at all to anyone. … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to the Signs

There I was, biking home tonight, and having a pretty darn good ride.  The temperature was just cool enough to get me thinking that fall would be here soon.  No real wind to deal with, and after I got past the crowds … Continue reading

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