Back in Washington and back in the saddle!

After all the issues with TSA and traffic and white knuckled driving, plus the battle for what little space is available to us on the plane, Michelle and I landed in Seattle about 30 minutes earlier than expected! HELL YEAH!! Musta been a pretty darn good tailwind!

We made a point to take advantage of the time…

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This has not been a normal week so far

So here it is, Friday, and it has already NOT been a normal week!  To understand though, it would probably be best if I explained what I mean by normal.

On most weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I ride the bike home, usually leaving about 3:30.  Tuesdays, I head south to spend dinner with  the Manchild then play pool (or like last week, ping pong).  Fridays are a toss-up.  If it’s a kid weekend, I wait for him to show up and we drive home.  If it’s not a kid weekend, I get an extra ride.

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NOT a normal day

Ever notice that work days all seem to blur together?  Get up about the same time, get ready the way you normally to (Shower, shave, brush teeth etc).  Then leave about the same time each morning and head to work along the same route.

Then there is the daily at work steps during the day.  Saying hi to people, maybe breakfast, checking email, sneaking out to look at Facebook, and getting the morning dose of your favorite caffeinated beverage to kick-start the heart.

Then there is the work you do each day until lunch, followed by the afternoon tasks till its time to go home. Finally the ride or drive home.  Yep it all blurs together.

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