LardButt 1K or Run for the Doughnuts!

So, over the course of a year, Michelle and I sign up for different events. 5 Kilometers runs, half marathons and century bike rides. Anyone who follows this blog knows we like to keep active.

Now somewhere in our events we saw a sign for the LardButt 1 K! A one kilometer (.62 mile) walk and/or run in which they place doughnut stops every 250 meters.

OK how could we NOT sign up???…. Continue reading “LardButt 1K or Run for the Doughnuts!”

Bike to Work 2015

One of the reasons people start riding a bike is to get in shape and lose weight. It just stands to figure, if you pedal instead of drive to work, you burn calories and get that much more in shape.  Since I don’t eat till I get to work, and then its oatmeal, it works well for me.

However, there is one day a year when it is EASY to take in a helluva lot more calories than you burn. And that day was today! Continue reading “Bike to Work 2015”