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The Ocean She Calls!

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, the gods smile on us. Not just the weather gods, or just the cycling gods. not even just the mountain gods. I mean ALL the gods, little to small, smile down on you. We have … Continue reading

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It’s not selfish, its living

Once again, I must give credit for this post to a blogger buddy, this time Baz the Landy. He did a post recently about his training for an 8000 meter peak, and whether he was being selfish at all with all … Continue reading

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Book Review: Going Somewhere, A Bicycle Journey Across America

It has been a while since I have done a book review on a cycling book.  I’ve honestly stayed away from these for a while, as the last few just haven’t been that great.  However, when my buddy Joe Kurmaskie, … Continue reading

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Staying on the Mountain

As many of you know, I took the name Mountainstroh for my email and my web page name back when I used two feet, instead of two wheels, to accomplish my yearly athletic goals.  Over the years I climbed or attempted … Continue reading

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Passing on a request from a friend!

Folks, I’ve heard some say you don’t make real friends on Facebook.  I call BS on that, as I have done just that many time!  Once such person is my buddy Joe Kurmaskie (who is also one helluva a cycling author … Continue reading

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Like the Wind Bob!

I had kind of a sad conversation yesterday that i wanted to share with everyone. I recently gave my two-week notice at work (Nope not the sad part, excited about that, and will post about it as soon as I … Continue reading

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