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WSU Gnome Rides Again!

Folks, this has been one hell of a long year. Due to work and a fluke in our planning, Michelle and I have not had more than one day off since our trip to Cannon Beach in April. For the … Continue reading

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Wellllll OF COURSE I DID!!!

Without a doubt, if I picked a time of my life that had the most memories and effect on my memories or the things I say, it would be the years at WSU with Dave, Scott, Jim and I. No … Continue reading

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It was a fun Christmas Long Weekend!

I am pretty sure I have let y’all know that I am NOT great at planning days off. Over the years, I morphed into the guy who would come into work on Tuesday, look at the forecast as decide Thursday … Continue reading

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The Storm that wasn’t!

For most of the last 25 years I have worked at the Mighty P. It is a personal lines insurance (meaning we have car, house and boat  insurance for people) company that writes policies in Washington and Oregon. I am … Continue reading

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Will Work for Wine!

OK, as much as I hate to admit it, a man can’t ride a bike 24 hrs a day EVERY day.  There has to be more to life.  As you may, or may not have noticed, aside from cycling, one … Continue reading

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One Man’s Adventure is Another Man’s Version of Hell

I have an old friend of mine, named Steve, who is one of my staunchest supporters in whatever endeavor I choose to go on each year.  He is the first to like my statuses when I work out, and to … Continue reading

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Racking Up the Miles: March 2013

There is an old saying, if March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion, or the exact opposite, in like a lion out like a lamb.  This of course means whatever weather you get at the … Continue reading

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Alone or With a Group?

Anyone out there remember that great George Thorogood song “I Drink Alone!”  Google it if you haven’t heard it!  I love it. Now I do not make a habit of going to bars and drinking alone (though do NOT get … Continue reading

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Rewarding Yourself for Riding

I’ve already discussed why I think riding is a better exercise option than Jogging, going to the gym or even Zumba! The best reason, for riding though, is that its supposed to be fun. If this is the right thing … Continue reading

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Errands and Bikes DO Mix!

It is damn hard to find time to work out!  Work, commute, errands, chores, house cleaning, doctors, parents, kids, yard work, homework, friends, and any number of other things seem to take priority over any chance at working out.  Not … Continue reading

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