Yet ANOTHER reason I love to ride

As those who follow this blog know, I am currently tasked with training a coupla folks who are being promoted from the call center and moving to a more professional role.  Both these ladies are great, but both are in our Spokane office.  This means I am training 300 miles from home, without my bike.

In our icebreaker session on the first day, they learned that I biked over 200 miles in a day twice in the last three years.  One of them said, “I’ve heard a lot about you and your cycling.  Why do you like riding a bike so much?”

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Hold that baby tight ma’am!

When people ask me how and why I started blogging, I quickly point out that it would NOT have happened without Michelle breaking out the Mac book, pulling up WordPress, clicking “Start new blog” and said “HERE YOU GO!” She knew I had been playing with the idea, but thinking “Really, who you but you or mom would read it?”

I soon found I enjoyed the heck out of doing so, and a day just doesn’t seem complete without a blog post. So the why I do it is easy. I enjoy it, I like to tell stories and share things, and people tell me I am good at it.

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