Just like old times

For the last 5+ years, since the ex and I have split up, I have had the same schedule almost every week.  In addition to the Manchild (now that Mathmajor is in college this doesn’t apply to him) being up with Michelle and I every other weekend, I also go down to Federal Way, and take the kid out for dinner every Tuesday.  Today was one of those dinners tha was  even more fun than usual. Continue reading “Just like old times”

A First for us

Folks it has been a busy weekend!  I spent all afternoon Saturday working at the Dusted Valley tasting room in Woodinville.  It was the last weekend of their fall offering, and they brought in extra help.  My job was pulling orders from the wine closet, restocking the wine, and carrying cases out to people’s cars.  By the end, I was exhausted!

imageToday was errand day, and doing all the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday.  I feel like I was running almost all day!  (Ok except for watching the Seahawks win!)  Dinner is now made, kitchen clean (when I good kitchen gets MESSED up) and its time to sit!

Though in less than 3 hours, Manchild and I will experiencing a first for us! Continue reading “A First for us”

Can we go for late night pizza?

Just a quick post, and sorry for any iPad typos. Te 15-year-old and I are at Ocean Shores for a beach clean up day. Traffic sucked on the way, but we stopped at dinner time for one of our faves Taco del Mar!

However, after getting here and relaxing, he chimes up with ”HEY lets get late night pizza!” I of course think “already ate, I’m comfy, sure as hell don’t need the calories of pizza at 10pm….”

But then I thought, how many more times will he WANT to go for late night pizza with me instead of the “guys” Ah what the hell!

Belined to Red Genie that was closing soon , after getting lost! And brought home a medium Tsunami pizza! Everything on it. Hell, I forgot how good pizza tastes after 10 pm!

Good thing next week will be a good one for the bike! I need some serious miles under this butt!  Time to get ready to clean a beach!

Keeping the Little Ones Happy!

Last week I passed a dad towing a bike trailer, and in it was a little girl and her younger sister.  I could hear the older girl talking, to the younger one, so when I went by them I looked behind me, and I saw the big sister was reading the little one a book.  I could see they had quite a few in there and I thought to myself “Now THERE’s a way to keep the kids happy while getting in some miles!  Wish I had thought of that back in the day!

I then thought, “Hey I know 2 books that might work if parents want to use this trick to get in the miles.”  Shoot, if there is only one kid, maybe he or she can read to dad.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, the books i am going to list here were written and illustrated by a good friend of mine, Renee Hazen.  However, I have a firm rule, I only recommend bike gear, wine, beer and books that I deem worthy.  I don’t care WHO wrote them.  So here it is I hope you enjoy!

The first book is Mr. Bunnyman:  http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Bunnyman-Renee-Hazen/dp/1461005329/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361856451&sr=8-1&keywords=Mr+Bunnyman



Renee wrote this book after her son was born, inspired by a stuffed rabbit she was given prior to his birth.  You can’t help but feel the love she has for her son while reading the pages.  Just as importantly, the colors and pictures would have made my 2 sons want to read this over and over again!

Her second book is:  26 Wishes: http://www.amazon.com/26-Wishes-Renee-Hazen/dp/0615650368/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y


This is an Alphabet book in which each letter is a wish for the future of her son.  For example, A is for Art, Beauty alive in activity, may your life be full of color and creativity.  It’s a way to learn the alphabet, and feel the love for a child 26 times over.  I personally think the illustrations in this book are even better than the first.

I still own both these books, and trust me, being the cold and callous person I am, if they truly weren’t great, I would’ve given them away long ago.

However, to be a fair review, I have always been told to give a balanced review!  I do have a pet peeve.  When she was writing this one, she let me know what the format was.  Since she has a son, I still believe the letter “T” should have been “T is for Tailgating before the big game!  If you keep this tradition, if the team loses you won’t get the blame!”  Poetry in motion!

Ok, maybe not, if you want to know what “T” really is, get the book!

Both of these are perfect for your own kids, grandkids, or someone baby shower.  And, and I said earlier, you might get another 5 miles out of the kid in the trailer if you have them both!