Funny how stories will just pop into your head.  I was sitting here, watching a show on Netflix.  Michelle is asleep, Manchild is back at home with his mom, and after one helluva busy Sunday (yeah “day of rest” my ass!) this was my first time to sit.

I was watching a western when the voice of The Mudsucker (my buddy Scott) saying “LET’S GO!!” Popped into my head.  I will tell you, I almost stood up and headed for the door!  Continue reading “LET’S GO!!!”

Hehehehehe FIRE!!

We do things a little differently in Strohville.  This weekend of course was Mothers Day.  Now I am not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods, but around here, places to eat  on Mother’s day itself are mobbed!  That means long lines, noisy places and grouchy people.

To avoid this, we took the 80 year mom in law out to lunch yesterday!  Still crowded, but much less so.  I had a killer meatloaf sandwich!  This meant that today, Michelle and I had a free day! Continue reading “Hehehehehe FIRE!!”