Changing on the fly!

Long time followers of the Mountainstroh blog may remember the Plan C vacation of a few years ago. Michelle and I woke up on a Saturday in the Washington, the state, planning to go to bed in Washington the DC.

That night, due to storms, a small fire, and cancelled flights, we ended up at the Oregon coast. I still have never gotten to DC, but that was a great vacation!

Sadly, this week, we had to make new plans again…. Continue reading “Changing on the fly!”

Plan C

Ladies and gents, I will fully admit something.  I am NOT planner.  My wife Michelle loves me to pieces, but the fact that I do not look to the future does drive her nuts..

Howcver, went life tanks, and something needs to happen right now, Mountainstroh shines!  I am one of the best at coming up with the “What the hell do we do now?” scenario!

Today, as we started on our vacation was one of those days! Continue reading “Plan C”