Santa Rosa Part1

Finally!  It has been what seems like a VERY long time since our last vacation in May.  We’ve been through long ugly days at work, VERY long bike rides for me, and a ton of training walk/runs for Michelle!  Friday, it was finally time to head for Santa Rosa for her half marathon. So that morning we headed for the airport… Continue reading “Santa Rosa Part1”

The Faster you go, the more boring the trip…

So there I was last week, reading a sci fi book about some space traveling cowboys (ok they weren’t really cowboys, it’s what I use instead of space traveling people).  One of them was lamenting about how bored he was.  They’d been cooped up in the space ship, going faster than the speed of light, for 450 days .   His buddy responded, “Isn’t it strange that the faster you are traveling, the more boring the trip is?

I actually stopped and reread this a few times, cuz it got me thinking…. Continue reading “The Faster you go, the more boring the trip…”

You can’t get mad if it’s your on damn fault!

So here I am, back in Spokane, sitting downstairs and sipping the crappy (but free) glass of red wine. I am relaxing a bit before I teach my final (let’s say that again FINAL) class of the project I’ve been on since July.  Today’s trip was not out of the ordinary in the least, but thinking back, I could’ve been unhappy, cranky, or mad more than once.

Thing is, most of these were my own fault… Continue reading “You can’t get mad if it’s your on damn fault!”

Tony’s Travel Tips!

One of the bad things of starting a new job is vacation time. You end up starting with 0 hours and have to accrue. Since I restarted at the mighty P in March of 13, I am just now at the point where we have enough time to get away.

By the time this posts in the morning, Michelle and I will be heading for, or hopefully AT the airport, ready to fly off to DC.

This means of course that Michelle will have to deal with my travel routine. Continue reading “Tony’s Travel Tips!”