Where mammoths walked!

Ok just a warning folks, my inner geek will be busting loose on this post.  Yes, yes, I know, most people think of me as a suave and debonair man about town.

But in truth, I am a bit of a nerd.

Which is why I was VERY excited to go to the Waco Mammoth National Monument!

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Look what we found!

Once again I KNOW I am going to shock the heck out of my current readers.  I am very much a nerd.  Shocking I know!  Even people who know me in person have a hard time believing it when I tell them.  I think is because I come across as more of a James Bond, suave, calm and sophisticated kind of guy.


But, no it is just a façade.  I am one of those who likes to try and solve the NPR Sunday puzzles.  When looking at the paper, I gravitate to the science stories and read them every time.  I check out road cuts on my bike ride to see if I can identify the rock and follow the strata.  When hiking, I love to find stumps like this


Standing by history
Standing by history

It shows  the notches used to get high enough on a tree to cut it down.  It’s like touching a piece of history from over 100 years ago.

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