Today I was the support crew

Anyone who has been here from the beginning knows that I do big rides every year.  These are always century rides or more and I end up training for them all year.  Michelle is my support crew.  She makes sure I have healthy snacks, helps make sure I train, travels with me to the far away rides and does the drop off and/or pick up at the beginning/end as needed.

My rides are MUCH easier and more successful with her help.  Today, I got to return the favor for once (I still owe her lots!)… Continue reading “Today I was the support crew”

Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!

I know this may be shocking to y’all, but sometimes, and I know it is probably rare, a Facebook post gets misinterpreted by some.  I know, I can hear the collective “GASP” and a loud “Ta HELL you say!!” but yes it is true.  It happened to me yesterday when I posted.

Ok y’all. Know that feeling you had today, watching the match, USA team dodging bullet after bullet, all along thinking they could pull it off, knowing it was possible until the very end? That is almost as magical as the feeling you get as a COUG!

I thought I would take this opportunity to explain how this is so.. Continue reading “Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!”

Now THAT Sounds like Fun!

Folks I am not, by nature a sitter.  Many people have thought I was very strange to take a week’s vacation and cycle the Oregon coast.  Or take another week and spend it on a glacier in Denali National Park refining my mountaineering skills.  

Even when Michelle and I went to Boston and to Key West, we spent much of the vacation walking all over the place.  I like to see stuff, do things, and fit as much into a vacation as I can.  Michelle says I just don’t relax well.

I can sit for hours and read.  To me that is doing something, but I have never been a sit on a beach kind of guy.

For the same reasons, I like things that get the adrenalin pumping.  So years ago, when Dave emailed me and asked if I wanted to do something we had never done before, I was ALL over it! Continue reading “Now THAT Sounds like Fun!”

Helping a Friend

Today I am doing something I never do.  I am turning over my daily blog to help my buddy Jim Devitt on his new and very important endeavor.  I am copying and pasting the post from his blog The Card

For the record I donated to this Crowd fund project for two reasons:

  1. I have complete faith in Jim.  In the 30 years I have known him he has never steered me wrong, and has always been there when I needed him.  He has very high standards.  I trust the man completely!  If he is willing to sign his name to it, it’s a good cause!
  2. After reading through it, its one helluva good idea!

But y’all don’t know Jim.  So take my word for it, and read what he has.  Make your own decisions, but I will, without reservation, vouch for the character and integrity of the man who has written this post!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Please help us bring immediate and affordable healthcare to everyone … 


Hi, I’m reaching out to you today for your help. The systemic problems of our healthcare system has led to families going bankrupt, doctors shortages and unbearable wait times to see health care professionals.

I’ve worked in Healthcare for over 20 years, starting out on the clinical side, treating patients. Before long, I ended up in practice management and saw first hand how broken the healthcare system is.
The Affordable Care Act will insure millions more, which means the already overloaded healthcare system will become more overloaded.
We believe that we can help fix the system with Telemedicine.
Telemedicine is one of the most powerful tools healthcare providers can use to improve patient care, increase access and lower costs. Telemedicine exists today, but primarily in remote populations or for doctor to doctor consultation in areas where there’s a shortage of expertise.
The fact is, everyone should have access to Telemedicine. Today’s generation uses and trusts mobile applications to do just about everything. We can use the same technology to deliver healthcare to your living room. 
Please visit our campaign page to learn more and to see some of the great perks we’re giving away with your contribution. Thank You!