Just Dumb Fun

We all get busy. Kids have homework, adults have errands and chores and work and responsibilities. Somehow we also have to fit in workouts, reading books, sleep and yep, even writing a blog. Because of this, weekends end up going by too quickly.

Michelle and I share a brain, and quite often we both have the same thought simultaneously.  Last week I looked at her and said, “Its been a long time since the Manchild and I did something fun together.” She nodded immediately, saying “I meant to mention that to you! It has been!”

Today we fixed that! Continue reading “Just Dumb Fun”

Going WAY old school

Well today was a different day in Seattle.  It rained ALL day, getting us closer to 10 inches of rain for the month of March (Yep we have already set a record as the wettest March ever).  Just in the last hour lightning hit a local church (no one hurt but sure blew a whole in it (as a heathen I could do a post on ONLY this, but I will refrain))

It was also our first weekend with the Manchild after his 16th birthday.  Originally, I planned that he’d be able to go to the Emerald City Comicon.  But I didn’t get tickets in time.  This meant I had to come up with something else fun.  To do so I reached back to MY past. Continue reading “Going WAY old school”