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The GoPro and 2017

Folks, there truly are such things as first world problems.  You know the ones: Internet is down so you can’t read my blog posts (which I am sure is your favorite!). The Starbucks App won’t pre-order so you actually have … Continue reading

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Epic Shit Could Happen!

My apologies for the PG-13 language throughout this post, As we know, I am cold and callous. No really, its true. Ask anyone I know they will tell you. I will out and out  lie to get out of a … Continue reading

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Some quick highlights of the Century ride

OK I admit it, I am still a kid with a new toy.  I am liking the GoPro a lot, and learning how to use it well (or at least better).  I am also working on the editing piece; pulling … Continue reading

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The 6th anniversary weekend

Saturday was April 2nd.  Six years ago that day was one helluva stormy night.  It was a Friday, and our friends and family braved the weather to watch a lovely bride get hitched to kind of a dweeby looking groom It … Continue reading

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The Go pro test..

Yep, as I mentioned in the last post, I have joined the GoPro generation! Saturday would have been the prime day to test it out. It was 64, sunny, no wind, mountains were out and it was the perfect day … Continue reading

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