A look back to 2016

For years, every month I did a Racking Up the miles post. I would log the miles and give a short review of the month. Somewhere along the line this year, I stopped. I have a rule. If I stop doing something, and don’t miss it, then I don’t start it up again. (Like the ONE year I ran a half marathon!)

So I thought about skipping the almost mandatory “Looking back” post, but as the day went on, I kept looking up info I usually include, so it must be something I want to do!  Continue reading “A look back to 2016”

Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review

Wow, it really is 2015!  I know its kind of a cliché, but damn, this was one helluva fast year.  Between being very busy at work, and all the stuff we had going on around here, it just seemed to fly by.

Then with my travels to Spokane for training, it seems like I Thanksgiving was just last week.  But here we are, New years day!

December was NOT a month to remember for cycling.  I did have some bike commutes, and on shed ride.  I was also able to get out for some rides early in the month.  All that being said, there was only 142 miles for the month.  January will be better! Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review”