Candy Corn Mystery

There are many mysteries in the Pacific Northwest. There is the whereabouts of D B Cooper. Whether or not Sasquatch (Bigfoot to the non northwestern folks) is real. And what did the pilot see around Mt Rainier back in the 40s that lead to the first use of the term Flying Saucers?

All these are questions that we ponder on a regular basis. But there is one, more mysterious than all of these put together. One that has stumped me for years, and yet continues to happen: Who the HELL keeps sending me candy corn stuff!?! Continue reading “Candy Corn Mystery”

An interesting week in the saddle

Folks, I have noticed there has been a distinct lack of bloggage as late.  Part of this is  that I have to feel a post in me for me to type it, and lately there’s been nuthin. Plus, in all honesty, there really just hasn’t been much going on.  However, looking back over the last week, I’ve actually succeeded in getting in some decent miles, and I had the inklings of a post percolating, so lets see what I get… Continue reading “An interesting week in the saddle”