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Its all in how you say it!

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am NOT the best at filtering what comes out of my mouth. No, Really! True story! I had a boss once that came in all excited showing off … Continue reading

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It’s all about enjoying the ride

I was chatting with a blogger friend today after my last blog post. In it I had mentioned the long ago jerk who told a relatively new cyclist (me)  “Well until you do the RAMROD, you aren’t a real cyclist.” … Continue reading

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Now vs Then!

Yesterday, my post revolved around the fountain of youth many cyclist discover once they saddle up.  My Mom, who reads every post (even though she swears it adds a gray hair each time I do something I think is fun) … Continue reading

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One thing I haven’t told you

“So there I was, minding my own business…” was how I started my call home on Sunday at the turn around point of my bike ride.  There are very few conversation starters that worry Michelle more than that one.  There’s … Continue reading

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Just get moving!

OK from just the title one could think this post will be about traffic.  And there are many days that this could be true.  However, this week finds me in Spokane, and (with all due respect to my EWA friends) … Continue reading

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What I learned from Spin class

Ok, so as you may or may not know, I am once again stuck in Spokane without the bike, my main means of exercise.  I know, I could disassemble mine and fly it over, but since I fly home every … Continue reading

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Yep the legs are tuckered….

As you may expect, at different times of the year, my total miles and work outs in a week vary.  As I get closer to my big rides, going 100 miles on Saturday then a shorter on Sunday, plus biking … Continue reading

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Before there was a Mountainstroh

It’s funny how different types of workouts affect the mind differently.  When cycling, I think about the path in front of me, the wind blowing past my head, how the bike and legs are performing and just enjoy the ride. … Continue reading

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Are they sure about that?

Sometimes you skim through Facebook and come across a post that just makes you smile.  The trouble is, occasionally  you are just not sure exactly sure why you are smiling so much.  There is something in it that just appeals … Continue reading

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Just my opinion

So today on Facebook, I got into a bit of a discussion with my  kid brother’s better (and smarter) half over the need to quarantine those coming back after providing care to Ebola sufferers in Africa.  She and I disagreed….

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