There is Evil afoot!

It happens every year, about this same time. The evilness invades the office….

It starts sneaking up around Halloween, when there are bowls full of candy all over just prior to the big night, and then overflowing the day after.  All that candy that wasn’t handed out has to go somewhere, and it ends up at work.

But then, sometime after Thanksgiving and before the Holly Jolly Holiday, the ultimate example of the darkside appears, sometimes, like today, out of the blue.  Yes, you all know of what I speak, the Office Holiday Pot Luck!!  <shiver> Continue reading “There is Evil afoot!”

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

OK I know its true.  I’ve seen the calendar, I’ve heard people talking about black Friday the day after tomorrow and my email is sure as hell Blowed Up something fierce with adds.  Yes I know for a fact that tomorrow (the day this posts) is Thanksgiving, but it just doesn’t feel like it should be…. Continue reading “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving”

A Thanksgiving Adventure!

Here we are, the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s that week when people all over the US start planning a huge dinner, or preparing to travel.  On Facebook people are giving daily “I am thankful for…” messages, and the media is already warning everyone about travel problems at the airports and weather issues that will throw a monkey wrench into the works for a number of people.  (Shoot its warmer in Seattle today than it is in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, I am being obnoxious this week, as the rivalry game between the Cougs and Dawgs is this Friday!  GO COUGS!

Michelle and I have a VERY low-key holiday planned.  We are gathering up all the fixins for breakfast (she is also making coffee cake!!  YUM), and taking it to her mom’s.  On the way, we will stop at Starbucks, get mom a decaf mocha, make her breakfast, and just hang out for the morning.  Then, afterwards, Michelle and I will head home, watch DVD’s and eat homemade pizza!  

Every Thanksgiving with Michelle is always my favorite one.

But there is one that I love to tell people about that dates back before we together for every holiday!  Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Adventure!”