How did this happen?

People find this hard to believe sometimes, but I really an introvert. Yes I know I can loud, and yes I was a corporate trainer for years, and yes my job now deals with easily 20 people or more a day on the phone, but I really am an introvert.

Given the choice I ride the bike alone, back in my mountain days I would hike alone,

Standing by history

And Michelle and I really like to just hang out in the quiet of our own home….

But, since Thursday we have done anything but be home… Continue reading “How did this happen?”

Two Wheels Help Everyone!

You know, you just never know how the people you meet, especially in college, will affect you when you are older. I’ve talked many times about the guys, Scott, Jim and Dave. The ones I’ve known for 30 + years non-stop. However there are others, like Stacy, one of the hottest freshmen we ever met (which of course first gained the attention of us college boys) who quickly became one the guys and very important to us.


Fast forward the 30 years and the lady is even more amazing. She has a heart as big as her smile, and her smile is huge! As you can see here when she stepped up with her Starbucks power to provide coffee for those in need!


She does anything she can to help animals or people, especially the homeless, who need it. I’ve seen her more than once pay for coffee out of her pocket for someone who couldnt come up with the cash. I am very lucky to know someone who is as beautiful inside and out, so when the lady makes a request for a blog post that DOES have to do with cycling as well, how can I resist.

Through her, today I learned how Facing Homelessness in Seattle helps those in need with their two-wheeled steeds. Continue reading “Two Wheels Help Everyone!”