The things we do to stay in shape!

Once again I was called upon by the Mighty P to leave the land of year round (well for the most part) cycling and head east to the wilds of Eastern Washington. Yep, I had to make the run to Spokane again to train some new hires, molding them into my image.

For those of you who do not know, Spokane is in the midst of its snowiest and coldest winter in years…. Continue reading “The things we do to stay in shape!”

Rough Week for the OCOB 2016 crew

September last, the OCOB (Oregon Coast or Bust) crew started south from Astoria Oregon to Crescent City California.  Rob and I were using leg power to get there.


While our faithful Sherpas, Michelle and Kim had to use every muscle in their bodies to schlep all the luggage and the gear into and out of the hotel everyday.


Aside from sore legs, arms and a few bruises from the equipment, we all escaped injury free. A very successful trip!

But then January hit… Continue reading “Rough Week for the OCOB 2016 crew”

Starting out right

Long ago, I made the New Years resolution that I not only kept that year, but I was able to keep year in and year out.  I resolved NOT to make resolutions! It has worked wonders for me.

However, that does not mean I let a new year go by without noticing it.  With the holidays having just occurred, I ate and drank WAY too much (though it was damn good).


The Tony diet is tossed out the window until the New Year… Continue reading “Starting out right”

Yes but you sleep on Ice

Anyone who knows me knows I get cranky when it gets hot!  I prefer it to be between 65 and 70 degrees (given the choice) and I will run around all day in shorts and a t-shirt.  I have two friends, Trish in GA and Gina in AZ who think I am nuts.  Though they both were born, bred and raised in WA, they both love the warm weather where they are now.

Michelle, who calls herself a lizard just looks at me, shakes her head, and tells me “Yes, but you sleep on Ice!”   She’s actually telling the truth, more than once I’ve spent the night in a tent on a glacier, one giant river of ice!

Denali NP, Talkeetna glacier
Denali NP, Talkeetna glacier

There is a reason I am bringing this up in today’s post. Continue reading “Yes but you sleep on Ice”