Seriously??? 1000 Posts???

So, sometime in the last week, I had a message flash at me from WordPress, the engine that runs our Mountainstroh blog. It was short and sweet, but made me do a bit of a double take.

This is your 1000th post!

OK, I had no idea I was approaching 1000, nor would I have ever guessed I would ever have 1000 posts. And it made me think about what all went into these….

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A Poem: The Road is Calling

The sun rises over the mountains high.
Rains have moved on, there is blue in the sky.
The air is warming the breeze is light.
But the end of the workday is a distant sight.
The weekend is near, and that makes me happy.
Sadly though, the forecast is crappy.
Eight hours from now the sun will still be shining.
But I am already looking outside, for a ride I am pining.
On a day like this I just want out of this place.
I want the wind at my back and the sun on my face.
Screw this! Lets get this work done!
Cuz dammit I am saddling up the bike just after 1!
Tomorrow morning I’ll smile when the rain will be falling
Because today, the bike and I will answer the road’s calling!


OK I know… NOT the best poem! But then who knew Mountainstroh could rhyme at all! Like the wind folks!

Today I was the support crew

Anyone who has been here from the beginning knows that I do big rides every year.  These are always century rides or more and I end up training for them all year.  Michelle is my support crew.  She makes sure I have healthy snacks, helps make sure I train, travels with me to the far away rides and does the drop off and/or pick up at the beginning/end as needed.

My rides are MUCH easier and more successful with her help.  Today, I got to return the favor for once (I still owe her lots!)… Continue reading “Today I was the support crew”

Talking to yourself

As I sitting here this evening, back door open, rain coming down and cool breeze coming into the house I am thinking that I might have a shot at getting some sleep tonight since it aint so stinkin hot.   When the house is quiet like this (kids are at their mom’s, Michelle is out like a light) you never know where your head may wander or what thoughts pop into your head.

Tonight for some reason, I thought about the talks I have with myself while on the bike… Continue reading “Talking to yourself”

Why do I do what I do?

You never know when something special will happen.  I might see a bald eagle soaring close to the ground, or have an incredible down hill run, or just see a cool sunset.palouse

When something like this occurs. i will frequently, say to myself (sometimes quite loudly actually) “This is why I do what I do!” And I get a huge grin on my face!

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Easing it Back a Notch

As we all know, there are many MANY ways to exercise.  Running, walking, rowing hiking, yoga, Zumba, just to name a few.  I have no arguments with which you do, as long as you do.  Exercise of some kind is important.  Doing nothing but sitting in front of a computer is NOT good for anyone.

As you might expect, my first choice of exercise is cycling.  I have gone on and on about the benefits and advantages of cycling over other types of exercise (how many people do you know that YOGA their way to work, or Zumba to the store?)  So I won’t take time to list them here again.  At the end of most days at work though, I saddle up the bike and head on home.

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