Why do I do what I do?

You never know when something special will happen.  I might see a bald eagle soaring close to the ground, or have an incredible down hill run, or just see a cool sunset.palouse

When something like this occurs. i will frequently, say to myself (sometimes quite loudly actually) “This is why I do what I do!” And I get a huge grin on my face!

But that explains why I enjoy what I do, but how did I become Mountainstroh? Continue reading “Why do I do what I do?”

Easing it Back a Notch

As we all know, there are many MANY ways to exercise.  Running, walking, rowing hiking, yoga, Zumba, just to name a few.  I have no arguments with which you do, as long as you do.  Exercise of some kind is important.  Doing nothing but sitting in front of a computer is NOT good for anyone.

As you might expect, my first choice of exercise is cycling.  I have gone on and on about the benefits and advantages of cycling over other types of exercise (how many people do you know that YOGA their way to work, or Zumba to the store?)  So I won’t take time to list them here again.  At the end of most days at work though, I saddle up the bike and head on home.

Today as I rode home, I thought of yet another advantage! Continue reading “Easing it Back a Notch”

Tony!! You are wearing flip flops!!

I picked one helluva a day to get back on track.  When we woke up Saturday morning, the wind was howling out of the south.  The weather dudes and dudettes had predicted this was coming.  So I put on a pair of shorts and slipped on the Kino Sandals from Key West and jetted off for the morning Starbucks run.  Shoot it was 50 deg outside, balmy for November in Seattle!

As we walked in, Trish, the barista, yelled from across the room “Tony!!  You are wearing flip-flops!”  YEP!  I wear sandals year round!


The good news?  the power had blinked at Starbucks, and the computers were slow to reset. Free drink and chonga bagel today!  YAY!!  The bad news, today was the day I’d picked for getting back on track with riding the bike… Continue reading “Tony!! You are wearing flip flops!!”

Well said Joe Kurmaskie!

One of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to cycling, is Joe Kurmaskie.  He has many books, all to do with cycling, and the link to his site is over to the right of this post.  I have read them all.  In fact, I am in the process of rereading them.  Currently I am rereading Riding Outside the Lines.    It’s a series of short essays and stories of his many and varied cycling experiences.  He is funnier than hell, and each story can stand alone to entertain a rider. 

But now and then, you read a part that stops you and makes you think, “Damn!  He nailed it!” Continue reading “Well said Joe Kurmaskie!”


Those of us who are members of Facebook, have those friends that post cars, or sayings from time to time.  They may promote booze, the fact that moms have a hard job, or just something that makes us laugh.

I like these.  Sometimes, as they are meant to do, they make me giggle.  Other times they make me want to ride and work out, and sometimes, I just sit, shake my head, and say “Really??”  It just depends on the post.

But then I see one like this: Continue reading “Flashback”

Pay Attention to the Signs

There I was, biking home tonight, and having a pretty darn good ride.  The temperature was just cool enough to get me thinking that fall would be here soon.  No real wind to deal with, and after I got past the crowds at UW, the trail was wide open.  Even the little kids on bikes were staying to the right and not turning in front of me.

As I got closer to home, past the new pygmy goats in the neighborhood (nothing says  cosmopolitan like a couple of goats a block from downtown) and decided to stop at the local butcher, Double D Meats, for some lunch meat.

I walk in, and plain as the nose on my face is a sign:

Don’t take life so seriously, 

No one gets out alive anyway! Continue reading “Pay Attention to the Signs”

When in Doubt use a Bike!

Please forgive the typos on this one, I am using the iPad!

I live and work in the greater Seattle area. This is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle friendly places in the country. We are getting more bike lanes, a bike share program, and the Cascade Bicycle Club does an amazing job.

This means I am used to seeing bikes put to many different uses. However, during my weekend in Port Townsend, I was impressed with the variety of uses the people of this little town by the water have come up with! Continue reading “When in Doubt use a Bike!”