An Unexpected Morning Off

I have been sharing the weather we’ve been having over the last week or so. After a November of dry and sun, Mother Nature is making up for taking it easy on us earlier in the season.

This morning was no exception…..

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Keeping a Record

You know, when I take a moment to sit down and think about things, and this Mountainstroh Blog in particular, it still surprises me that it is still going.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve started (with a swift kick from Michelle to make it happen), and even though it’s not a daily occurrence any more (hell even I have only so much to say) it is still multiple times a week.

I am surprised because even though I have tried over the years, keeping a regular journal just never worked for me.  I wasn’t that disciplined and I hate hand writing anything. (Dates back to many an elementary report card that said “Great student, smart as hell, a wiz at math, but his handwriting is atrocious!)

Even trying to type one hasn’t worked.  I am what we like to refer to as someone who is “Journal Challenged.” Which means only this blog will serve as a record of what I have done. Continue reading “Keeping a Record”

What did we do before Google

I am currently reading the book “Monuments Men.”  It’s about a group of military men in WWII who were tasked with recovering and protecting precious artwork from the NAZI’s and even the allies during battle.  It’s currently out as a movie as well, but I want to read it before seeing it!  It’s always more fun that way.

This book lends itself to being read on an iPAD Kindle app.  Through out the book they discuss different pieces of art, from paintings to sculptures to churches.  I on the other hand stopped recognizing art after “Dogs Playing Poker.”  Hell the only reason I passed Fine Arts 101 in college was because the girl next to me kept saying the names of the art out loud when the prof showed he picture!

On the iPAD though, I can simply plug-in the artwork to Google and BAM! there it is.  Today, I said aloud, “What did we do before Google?”

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