We’ll call it 95%

Its amazing the difference a week will make!  Last week, the miracle in Seattle had yet to happen, and we were looking forward to a big game (we had no idea HOW big) the next day.  Last week, he term “deflated balls” may have made those of us with the minds of a 13 year giggle, but we had no idea how much it would be said this week

Also last week, there is no way in hell I would’ve gotten two rides in the last two days! Continue reading “We’ll call it 95%”

OK that is just plain mean

Ever think back to when you were new at something? How much you did NOT know, and invariably how you ended up doing things the hard way? That was me on my first ever organized group ride. It was the Seattle Salmon run. It was the longest ride to date I had ever done, 60 miles through different neighborhoods of Seattle.

I had the turn by turn instructions ready, but either 1) they were incorrect, or 2) I messed up. I think 2 is more likely! At the time, I had never heard, nor did I notice, the Dan Henrys. Those road markings that tell you exactly where to go.

Left turn ahead on the STP
Left turn ahead on the STP

While on a ride, simply keeping an eye on the road will lead you right where you need to go! On quite a few rides I am in an area I have never been before. Without these, the ride would be much less enjoyable. So, when I got an email from Phil, the organizer of Sunday’s century ride, I was pissed off! Continue reading “OK that is just plain mean”