The summer without shorts…

Folks, it hit 90 here in Seattle, it never does that.  In fact, 90 degrees today topped off 30 straight days of over 80 for our neck of the woods.  Around here, people get cranky and grumpy when this happens!  Some of us get creative in staying cool at work and at hime!



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Go for it!

I was in a work luncheon recently.  (Long ago, I won an award for excellence (yes I know shocking!) at work.)  Luckily for me, even though I work for an insurance company, which one would assume is stodgy and boring, I like the mucky mucks that run the place.  Everyone is on a first name basis, and they are fun to sit and talk with.

I was lucky enough to share a table with Steve (famous for once referring to me as the fastest clutch in claims) and we started talking about kids.  He has one son who currently holds two jobs.  In the summer he guides rafts down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  In the winter, he works ski patrol.

I just sat there and thought “That lucky bastard”.

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