This is what we are gonna do…

Once, long ago, I got in trouble at work for something I did. Now the person on the receiving end of my plan was a friend of mine. Sadly, he was also an employee of the department I was a supervisor in.

DLow (one of my least favorite bosses ever) while calling me on the carpet, asked what I was thinking. I replied, “He is a friend of mine, it’s what friends do!” He just looked at me dumbfounded and said “I don’t know what kind of friends you have, but none that I have would ever do something like that…”

For once I kept my mouth shut, but inside I was thinking, “Wow, you must not have real friends…” but if you knew Dlow you would not be surprised!

What? You’d like an example of what I am talking about? Well there was the night I met Scott’s wife Jill… Continue reading “This is what we are gonna do…”


Ladies and gents I am crappy on dates.  If it weren’t for Facebook, I would flat miss most people’s birthdays.  (I try to skip mine each year but Michelle won’t let me) So it was with some surprise that I got an email from my buddy Jim this weekend reminding me where I and the rest of the Strohs Bros were 7 years ago.

Yep, it was Jim and Meli’s wedding!  Scott, Dave and I jumped a red-eye to Miami to attend.  We flew all night and got there at 6 AM, went to Jim’s to crash for a few hours and head off to Key West for Jim’s last hurrah.


There are many stories I could tell about that trip.  Including one of Jim’s coworkers meeting and flying a Hooters waitress down to spend the weekend with him.  He was sure he was gonna get lucky.  But that was one VERY intelligent lady, and she told me that he didn’t stand a chance.  Made me laugh.

But the main story was the fact Meli, the lovely pride, came very close to getting married with a black eye. Continue reading “Battlemode!”