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Trail Magic at the winery

I have done posts in the past about trail magic. Trail magic, be it on a hike or on a bike, is when a complete stranger does something for you out of the goodness of their heart. There is no … Continue reading

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Paying it forward

As we all know, I am cold and callous, it works well for me. I am not quite a “HEY YOU KIDS! GET OFF MY LAWN!” curmudgeon, but I am taking lessons to get there! That being said, when I … Continue reading

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OK, where did the BAD karma come from?

Ever have one of those days in which you just KNOW somewhere somehow you did something wrong and the karma gods are getting even? Well I will tell you, the last 24 hrs has been just that!

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You can’t get mad if it’s your on damn fault!

So here I am, back in Spokane, sitting downstairs and sipping the crappy (but free) glass of red wine. I am relaxing a bit before I teach my final (let’s say that again FINAL) class of the project I’ve been on … Continue reading

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Mountain Karma

Have you ever had one of those phrases that someone uses that you like so much that you adopt it?  My friends, over the years, have picked up one of ones I’ve coined (though they generally point it at me) … Continue reading

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The Moment

I have commented MANY times since I started this game, that you NEVER know what it is that will inspire a post.  Scary enough, since I began in Mid January of this year, I have posted damn near every day. … Continue reading

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My Good Deed for the Week

You know, I can commute home for weeks, taking the same route, and nothing overly memorable or different happens.  I’m OK with that.  When I bike commute, I am honestly trying to get home to my wife as soon as … Continue reading

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If only….

Ok, Ok.  By now the frequent readers of this site are tired of hearing about my stolen bike.  I get it.  Its been over a week, I have a new bike, time to move on pal, suck it up butter … Continue reading

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