Yes sir! That is just the rock I needed!

Ok, before I jump into the new post I gotta tell you what JUST happened!

I am on the back porch, sipping wine and looking at the photos I took at the beach, when I hear a noise. I look up and there go two deer, a doe and a buck, bouncing (I am told it is called pronking) right through the back yard in front of me! I had no chance to get a camera. I just watched with my mouth open!  I LOVE my back yard!

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You just never know what you will stumble on! Plan C Continues!

Today was Sunday on the coast.  But then again, it was Sunday everywhere!  Our original vacation itinerary called for us to have picked up a rental car yesterday, wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and drive north from Washington DC to Boston.  I was looking forward to this!

Good thing, after yesterday’s post, that plans changed, otherwise none of yesterday’s excitement would have happened.  Instead we slept in, and awoke to find that the weather had changed a bit.


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