Know Your Audience

I seriously sit back and wonder sometimes about myself.  Why you ask?  Because I can almost always find the humor in things.  Meetings, weddings, funerals, shoot, even traffic jams, I can usually find something to tickle my funny bone.

Then there is a post I found on Facebook that goes something like this:

You find it offensive?  Well I find it funny, that’s why I am a happier person than you are!

Don’t get me wrong.  I do NOT go out of my way to offend people.  I know my audience.  Not everyone’s mind is in the gutter like mine.  So something I find funny would very likely NOT tickle those I work with.  At the Holy P. Monica and I had to work hard on NOT making eye contact in a meeting if someone said something that was remotely dirty.  We knew if we did, we’d lose it and never be able to explain ourselves.

Today, I was in an elevator with a couple of lady co-workers (one was my boss).  I really don’t know how we got to this line, but I looked at them and said “Well you know, guys have a MUCH higher tolerance than women. Continue reading “Know Your Audience”

Pay Attention to the Signs

There I was, biking home tonight, and having a pretty darn good ride.  The temperature was just cool enough to get me thinking that fall would be here soon.  No real wind to deal with, and after I got past the crowds at UW, the trail was wide open.  Even the little kids on bikes were staying to the right and not turning in front of me.

As I got closer to home, past the new pygmy goats in the neighborhood (nothing says  cosmopolitan like a couple of goats a block from downtown) and decided to stop at the local butcher, Double D Meats, for some lunch meat.

I walk in, and plain as the nose on my face is a sign:

Don’t take life so seriously, 

No one gets out alive anyway! Continue reading “Pay Attention to the Signs”