The library is up and running again!

Over 8 months ago, we moved from Mountlake Terrace to the Oregon Coast. if you have been following this blog, you have seen some of my cycling and beach walking photos. Here is one from today.

Long time readers will remember that at the old house we had a Little Free Library in the front yard, made by my step dad.


Rest assured, we made sure to load that puppy up and bring it with us. Where it languished in the garage for most of the last 8 months.. Continue reading “The library is up and running again!”

A new surprise in the neighborhood

Folks, my wife is a planner. She is always looking ahead, next week, next month, next year, and farther out. ¬†(It’s a damn good thing, I am lucky to plan ahead enough to see if my mom wants to feed the Manchild and I on any given Tuesday!)

Given this, and the fact that this is a year of milestone birthday for her, she has a list of things that she wants to get done in the year leading up to and after the birthday.  Some are easy: riding the big ferris wheel in Seattle was done New Years day this year.






Others, like the one that was fulfilled yesterday took a LOT more work… Continue reading “A new surprise in the neighborhood”