Certain moments

You know, looking back over my career of mountains, hikes, river rafting and bikes, there are many things I remember.  The roar of the river in the middle of big white water, the nose hairs freezing at 2 AM on a glacier, the wind on your face screaming full tilt down a mountain pass are all things that I relish each and every time I experienced them. (still do!)

However, there are just some moments that stand out more prominently than the others, I thought I would share some here. Continue reading “Certain moments”

Sometimes it is just DAMN good!

I am having a hellva time here lately. Somehow, and I think it’s when I scroll using the iPad, I am unfollowing blogs I really like.  I putter along, checking my reader, and think, “Hey, I haven’t heard from so and so for quite a while!’  Lo and behold, so and so is out there, I just hit the wrong button.  DAMN!

Luckily though, some bloggers, in including me, have Facebook Pages.  This is true for my buddy at There and Back Again, someone who is in even more into cycling than I am! Check him out he is worth the read and he has great pictures.  But I digress.  I mention him and Facebook, because this is where I saw this (Note, he got it from Bikesomewhere.com)



I love it, but I am not sure I 100% agree with it. Continue reading “Sometimes it is just DAMN good!”