Just say no…

With rare exceptions (like the guy who gets to shoot off canons to start avalanches) I am willing to bet most people don’t really want to go to work everyday. That’s why its called work! (Don’t get me started on those who say, “I don’t go to work, I go to play. My job is fun!”)

Work serves the purpose of letting us earn money, so we can go do what is fun!

In general, I like my job, but if given the choice of going to work or going for a bike ride… yeah I think you know which one I’d pick. One thing I dislike the most about work, though, might surprise people. I really do NOT like having lunch with people… Continue reading “Just say no…”

Wisdom and Brautwurst!

I am not sure if I’ve ever discussed my favorite food s with yall, so today seems like a great day to do it!

I am sure everyone has certain things they really really like!  For me, there are a few.  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies top the list.  I could eat both all day every day.  I am not a big candy bar person, but a big cookie or brownie, and I am all over it!  Trust me with your money, kids or pet, but lord not with your brownies!

Then there is pizza.  It’s the perfect food!  Grains, meat, dairy, vegies, fiber hell even fruit.  My best dinner and breakfast when cycling the Oregon coast was a large meat lovers pizza!  Good warm or cold!  Without pizza, there is always a good burger!  Preferably a mushroom swiss!  YUM!!

There are others, but today, we are discussing hot dogs and the horror that happened at work today…  Continue reading “Wisdom and Brautwurst!”