Santa Rosa Part II

Last October, while Michelle and Kim we getting ready for the Portland Half Marathon, the Santa Rosa trip had its genesis.  In the hotel where the packet pick up was occurring, other runs were lobbying for people to sign up,

This run had it dialed in.  They gave them each a shirt, a jacket, AND a free bottle of wine!  The ladies signed up and we started making plans for the trip! Yesterday morning was the big event, the day of the run! Continue reading “Santa Rosa Part II”

Today I was the support crew

Anyone who has been here from the beginning knows that I do big rides every year.  These are always century rides or more and I end up training for them all year.  Michelle is my support crew.  She makes sure I have healthy snacks, helps make sure I train, travels with me to the far away rides and does the drop off and/or pick up at the beginning/end as needed.

My rides are MUCH easier and more successful with her help.  Today, I got to return the favor for once (I still owe her lots!)… Continue reading “Today I was the support crew”

A Runners Reaction to the Boston Tragedy

At one time I was a runner, but my legs decided my running days were over a few years ago. However, my buddy Mark has been an avid runner his entire life. Today’s events in Boston hit him hard, and he put together a post on Facebook that is better than I could ever do. I shared it on my page, and I am sharing it here as well! Well said pal!

I have been a runner for most of my life. Part of this has to do with the feeling you get at the finish, the collective energy shared among friends and strangers that have accomplished something good, and all the hard work you have put into it, all those road miles, those hours on the treadmill and eliptical have paid .off. There is a special spirit associated with this that has now been violated by some chickenshit person or group. when are we as a planet ever going to figure this out. How come we can’t figure it out, that violence is exponential in its ramifications and that the viscous circle of hate and killing never solves anything. Has this ever worked? absolutely not. i pray for all those who have been hurt or killed today. Life is short, focus on whats positive and good, don’t let obstacles that have no value prevent you from living your life .