When you pushed yourself a bit too far

Over the years, people ask me how I make myself work out.  I am by NO means a gym rat. I honestly hate working out inside.


So, for years, I have done everything I could to workout in the great outside.  To inspire myself, I sign up for a big event, pay for it, and then train to make sure I have at least a shot to complete it…. Continue reading “When you pushed yourself a bit too far”

It’ll wash right off!

If anyone would’ve asked me prior to today, I would have answered without a doubt that I had done a post about this story. However, two things this week made me check.  The first was one of my students asking why teenage and twenty-something males seem to lack common sense, and the second was one of my old friends mentioned shoe polish in a Facebook comment.

These two items (common sense and polish) played a HUGE part in a road-trip back to Pullman for a Cougar Football Game…. Continue reading “It’ll wash right off!”

Man Law!

Folks, a word of warning here.  I am going to do something I don’t normally do, I am going to stereotype a group of people.  Now the group of people in question are men, so, since I am part of this group, I feel ok doing so.

Remember, as always, the opinions of this page are mine and mine alone, and I never try to annoy or offend (OK maybe sometimes I do to a particula rperson or two, but NOT this time.) So read on if you’d like! Continue reading “Man Law!”