New Decade, New focus and a New Name

Way back in the way back days, before the Mountainstroh Blog, shoot, even before I am sure I knew what a blog was, I become a cyclist. It was December 2007, and I got my first real bike.

Who knew how far it would take me…. Continue reading “New Decade, New focus and a New Name”

I caught a window!

Ladies and gents, I am not like most avid cyclists in a couple of ways. First off, I have only one bike, It is my commuter, long distancer, multi day trekker, errand runner, indoor exerciser and over all work horse. I figure I only have one butt, so I only need one bike.

I also NEVER set a mileage goal for the year. I set out to ride as often and as far as I can, but I truly don’t want to put any stress on myself for riding. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. If I set a goal, I will start berating myself if I don’t get ‘enough’ miles each month.

However, near the end of the year, things can change… Continue reading “I caught a window!”

There is just something about May

In the past, I used to do a blog post at the end of each month called Racking up the miles. In it, I would recap the month of riding, the amount of miles I accomplished, the high and low points during the month, and share my favorite photos. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing this. Maybe one of these days I will start again.

Looking back though, over the history of this blog, more so than any other, May has always been an interesting month… Continue reading “There is just something about May”

Racking Up the Miles: April 2016

I have come to the conclusion that 2015 was a fluke of a year.  We never had a real winter, the cycling season was amazing and I was selected after 3 years of trying for a bucket list ride. In essence the cycling gods smiled and this resulted in a crazy amount of miles early in the year.

Until April, I haven’t been close to those totals….. Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: April 2016”

Racking Up the Miles: February 2016

Michelle shared a news story today on Facebook,  No exaggeration, Between October 1st and March 1st the Seattle area received over 36 inches of rain. Now for the math challenged that is over 3 feet of rain.  This winter is doing everything it can to make for the last year, which was dry as a tater chip.

With that much rain, falling on that many days, riding days were hard to come by… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: February 2016”

Racking up the miles: June/July 2014

I was riding along on Saturday, enjoying the day, the views, the lack of people, and glanced at the odometer to calculate where I was for total miles in July.  At the end of each month, I log the odometer, and then do a Racking Up post to recap the month.

I do this to help me remember the highlights, lowlights and any other lights that may be out there while in the saddle.  As I was doing this, trying to remember when I ended in June, it hit me….


I flat forgot in June!

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